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Radon Potential Zone Map for the Lake Tahoe Area, California By Ronald K. Churchill, Ph.D. (PG #4265) April 2009 MAP USAGE AND LIMITATIONS This map identifies areas where geologic conditions are more likely to produce excessive indoor radon levels. The map is intended to be advisory only. It is Fort Myers Radon does a fantastic job with radon testing and radon mitigation. I am a licensed Realtor and refer people to them for radon mitigation, because they DO NOT install radon mitigation systems with excessive-speed fans blowing into the duct. Oct 27, 2006 · Average Indoor Radon in the United States by County These average radon values were produced by the high radon project of Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory from a semi-empirical model that used short and long-term radon measurements and surface radon progeny concentrations. Jan 19, 2010 · Radon Presentation 1. Tom Yeager Owner/Certified Inspector NEHA Radon Measurement Cert. # 104169 RT 303-464-9090